Living walls – Enhancing Biodiversity

Biophilic green walls or living walls have become increasingly popular in the built environment in recent years. Incorporating living nature into urban environments not only looks more aesthetically inviting, but also has many benefits.

Environmental benefits

Our high-quality green walls offer practical solutions that not only enhance biodiversity and air quality but create a natural environment that’s all too often missing in urban areas.

As well as looking attractive green walls are living, breathing, climate proof installations that bring wildlife into these spaces with nesting boxes and bug hotels often included as part of the development.

Designed, installed and maintained by experts

At Eco Green Roofs we offer expert advice on the ideal solution to meet your green wall needs. Our technical team will guide you through every possible option to design and install a bespoke solution, to suit the needs of your project.

We combine the right materials and technology to create a customised solution for your building that is in tune with nature. Ongoing your green walls are maintained by experts; our experienced team identify potential issues before they become a problem.

Enhancing biodiversity and people’s lives

The team here are passionate about our green wall projects, constantly striving to further enhance biodiversity whilst at the same time ensuring the space has a positive impact on the health and well-being of those who live and work in the building.

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