As our technical team all have experience in installing eco roofs, they also have the knowledge about the practicalities of the eco roof. Their years of experience in the specific design of eco roofs means they provide practical solutions.

A Green Roof project can be a complicated process with many variables to consider. Experience and knowledge are extremely important and the technical team exceeds expectations to ensure that the life and performance of the roof last as long as possible.

We understand the specifications of Green Roofs and the need to follow biodiversity net gain guidelines as well as ecological reports. We can build a roof around these specifications, ensuring that planning conditions are met and the premises achieves maximum added value.

The quality of the design process is as equally important as the build quality, which is why we follow the Green Roof Organisation (GRO) Code of Practice, covering planning, implementation, and maintenance. Continuing with best practice, we actively source UK-made components, including fauna and vegetation for higher quality and a smaller environmental footprint.

We can also work with approved installers to supply them with designs and materials when this works best for the customer. Our in-house CAD team is an important part of the process, as they start to bring the designs to life and allow our customers to visualise their roof in full effect.

Whether you’re looking for a Green Roof, Blue Roof, Solar Roof or a mixture of all three, Eco Green Roofs will advise you on the right designs and materials needed to suit your specifications.




Green Roof System Data sheets:

EGR BD Biodiverse Roof System (Warm)

EGR BD+ Biodiverse Roof System (Inverted)

EGR SB Sedum Blanket Green Roof System (Warm)

EGR SB+ Sedum Blanket Green Roof System (Inverted)

EGR SPG Sedum Plugged Green Roof System (Warm)

EGR SPG+ Sedum Plugged Green Roof System (Inverted)

EGR WB Wildflower Green Roof Blanket System (Warm)

EGR WB+ Wildflower Green Roof Blanket System (Inverted)

EGR WBR+ Wildflower Green Roof Blanket Retention System (Inverted)

EGR WB40+ Wildflower Green Roof Blanket System (Inverted)

EGR WPG Wildflower Green Roof Plugged System (Warm)

EGR WPG+ Wildflower Green Roof Plugged System (Inverted)

EGR WPGR+ Wildflower Green Roof Plugged Retention System (Inverted)

EGR WS Wildflower Green Roof Seeded System (Warm)

EGR WS+ Wildflower Green Roof Seeded System (Inverted)

EGR WSR+ Wildflower Green Roof Seeded Retention System (Inverted)

EGR CloudLayer


A successful green roof must take into consideration several factors for it to be given the best environment in which to grow and continue to thrive. Each roof is bespoke but here are links to general guidance we have prepared for consideration:

The Responsibilities for Fire Safety

Wind Guidelines


Technical Technical

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