Our focus is solely on the protection of the public, occupants and operatives during and after the installation of of our specialist eco roofing products and services.

We work with third-party consultants to help us identify the possible risks and challenges of working at heights. Every site is unique with different challenges and obstacles, which is why we conduct site-specific risk assessments through our experienced operations team. These are then checked by an independent third-party on-site to ensure that we have covered every possibility.

We conduct safety reports after each project, which are then discussed at weekly meetings so that we have action points to help us spot future potential hazards. Safety is also at the top of our agenda for board meetings, as we continue to improve our systems and increase safety awareness when working on-site.

We have a health and safety intranet for operatives and staff to keep their training up-to-date and options to take training modules to increase awareness. Our Toolbox Talk is available on our intranet, giving our operatives great accessibility to the latest information and updates to our health and safety procedures.

As well as our ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and ISO:45001, we are a Green Roof Organisation member and our operatives are LANTRA trained in Extensive, Intensive and Semi-Intensive Green Roofs, Blue Roofs and Bio-Diverse Roofs.

During the build phase, we have daily reporting on the health and safety of the project, outlining any potential areas for risk, and after we have finished we provide a Safe to Start report.

Health & Safety

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