Living roofs – Enhancing Biodiversity

Biodiverse green roof systems incorporate living nature into bustling urban environments. Not only do our green roofs look attractive they also have many environmental benefits.

Innovation in biophilic design

Our expertly designed green roofs enhance biodiversity and air quality, they also reduce noise, improve rainwater management, and help with summer cooling.

Establishing vegetation on, in and around buildings creates a natural environment for better health and well-being as well as providing habitat for wildlife.

Created and maintained by experts

With decades of experience, Eco Green Roofs (EGR) will provide you with a complete design through to after-care service for your green infrastructure projects.

We work with leading suppliers to combine quality materials and technology, creating a customised roof space that meets the needs of your project. After installation your living roof will be maintained by our highly trained operatives.

Our responsive and personable approach to your project requirements ensures you achieve maximum value from your sustainable roof system.

Choose a sustainable roof solution

Green infrastructure plays a key role in reducing carbon emission in our society, the team here are committed to supporting you to improve your building’s environmental impact whilst providing a high-performance and long-lasting roof solution.

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Roofing Inspiration and Knowledge: Blue Roofs and BS 6229:2018
Roofing Inspiration and Knowledge: Blue Roofs and BS 6229:2018

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Green Roof Maintenance
Green Roof Maintenance

The Eco Green Roofs solution to common problems associated with Green Roof maintenance.