Changing the landscape at ground level

Our landscaping services create welcoming places where people want to be, a place where the built environment is in tune with nature.

Creating natural amenity spaces

The Eco Green Roofs team will work with you to create practical innovatively designed solutions for your space. From our specialist design service to supply through to installation and ongoing maintenance we offer an end-to-end service.

As well as looking attractive our designs provide the perfect balance between a practical space and one that enhances biodiversity and air quality.

We work with leading industry suppliers to source and supply quality materials to create a customised space with the goal of making green infrastructure work for your project and our planet as well.

Enhancing well-being

With the connection between green infrastructure and health and well-being becoming better understood, our projects not only offer practical solutions for the built environment but are designed to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Our dedicated experts will work with you to create beautiful green amenity spaces, a place for people to come together to socialise, to exercise, to play or to simply relax.

Environmentally friendly spaces that people love

The team at Eco Green Roofs take pride in creating environmentally friendly spaces that everyone will love.

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Roofing Inspiration and Knowledge: Blue Roofs and BS 6229:2018
Roofing Inspiration and Knowledge: Blue Roofs and BS 6229:2018

As featured on Architecture Today. Designed to facilitate controlled attenuation following heavy rainfall or storms, blue roofs are at the forefront of current thinking on sustainable...

Green Roof Maintenance
Green Roof Maintenance

The Eco Green Roofs solution to common problems associated with Green Roof maintenance.