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Leicester FC - King Power Centre


Leicester City FC is aiming to be a beacon of ambition for the future with its new state-of-the-art complex, Seagrave, the new home of its training centre and Academy.

Having taken two years to create out of a 185-acre former golf course, Seagrave represents a major engineering project, that has been designed to blend into the surrounding landscape. Thus the focal point building- the King Power Centre- features green facades, delivered by Eco Green Roofs Ltd (EGR). EGR has also supplied many of the 21,500+ new trees and conifers to create new woodland areas around the site, to further minimise the facility’s environmental impact.

Main contractor McLaren Construction Group utilised a large proportion of the 300,000+m3 of earth moved across the build process to form the sweeping sides to the King Power Centre that arc from ground level to 9m high, curve vertically and laterally,  and encase  the profiled metal flat roof to the entrance. 

McLaren commissioned EGR to find a way to provide the finish- a green, maintenance-free surface across the curving facades that could also be sculpted around the circular air vents that penetrate the façade. 

The solution that met all the criteria was EGR’s artificial grass system.
Because of the pitch of the slopes, EGR had to manually finish the subsoil grading, to create a surface that was visually correct. Cementitious board was laid to provide a level, fire-safe and load-bearing surface over the profiled metal roof prior to manual laying of limestone chippings to a depth of 30mm for drainage. The field area was then overlaid with artificial grass.

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Leicester FC - King Power Centre Leicester FC - King Power Centre Leicester FC - King Power Centre

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