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EGR Head Office extension

EGR’s (Eco Green Roofs Ltd) head office has undergone an extensive transformation to expand the space for the team as the business continues to expand year on year.

EGR’s sustainable roof solution included EGR SB Sedum Blanket Green Roof System that incorporated;
• 20mm EGR Drainage Board with Filter Fleece Supports stormwater management by slowing the flow rate in which water hits the drainage outlets at roof level.
• 60mm EGR Growing Medium It has been engineered to help capture nutrients for the plants to thrive and retains water to slowly be released to the drainage board.
• 20/40mm EGR Cobble Border Acts as a fire break which is an essential provision in green roof design demonstrated in the GRO Green Roof Code and FLL Guidelines. Cobble borders also relieve wind-uplift pressures and prevent debris from reaching the gutter outlets.
• 100mm EGR Retention Trim Used as a barrier to keep system build-up components in the correct position and also offers unobstructed drainage with its perforated form
• 20mm EGR Sedum Blanket

Alongside the green roof, EGR supplied and installed the solar solution on the other side of the roof, optimally designed to ensure the panels were positioned to receive as much direct sunlight as possible. The photovoltaic panels transform solar energy into electricity. The energy is passed through an inverter that converts it into a usable AC source. This generates electricity that’s connected to the building’s existing electrical circuit to provide renewable energy to enhance the building’s performance. 

Video below showcases drone footage of the head office extension. 


Download the full PDF case study below: 


EGR Head Office extension EGR Head Office extension

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